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What makes Holistic Veterinary Consultants your choice for veterinary care?

Animals and owners like to come here! The atmosphere is calm and comforting with no slippery floors or stainless steel tables to get on. Dogs are examined on the floor or on a comfortable bed or even on the sofa with their owner if they prefer. Cats may be examined and treated in a comfortable basket with a warm towel. Aromatherapy scents and healthy treats for you and your pet make the holistic experience something to look forward to!  There are no antiseptic scents, surgical smells, or radiation in the building. There are no distressed pets or barking dogs in the background, just you and your pet will get the doctor’s undivided attention for your appointment.  

We offer healthy supplements, feeding guidelines, wellness examination, and vaccination recommendations for puppies and adults. A healthy lifestyle will prevent illness and allergies from developing later!    When injuries happen, we provide additional products and ideas for pain management and healing that complement your conventional veterinary care you use for emergencies. Dr. Lewter works with your referring veterinarian to formulate the best plan for recovery . (Read more)