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Ashwaganda                  Bacopa                    Curcumin          Milk Thistle           Green Tea


Canine Health Lifevantage    

Canine Health is a daily supplement formulated for dogs. Using herbs that activate the NrF2 system, it reduces oxidative stress, supports brain skin and eye function, joint function, mobility, and cognitive function.

What is NrF2? It is a master regulator of oxidative stress shared by all tissues at the cellular level. The aging process is caused by free radicals produced in the body, causing damage to DNA and cell membranes. NrF2 activation protects calls from free radical damage.

What is in Canine health? All our favorite herbs, rolled into one tablet which also includes a daily dose of glucosamine for joint health.

Try Canine Health!

Cheaper than Rimadyl with no dangerous risks, only benefits!





Ashwaganda (Withania/IndianGinseng)

Bacopa (Brahmi/Herb of Grace)

Curcumin (Tumeric)

Milk Thistle ( Silymarin/liver cleanser)

Green Tea extract