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Along the healthy happy life journey, your pet will need annual physical exams, blood screening and parasite tests. These treatments can be done in our office or on a convenient housecall. Dr. Lewter takes care of horses, cattle, goats, and sheep, so you can get everything done at once!   When metabolic and age related illness occurs we offer nutritional help, supplements, herbal medicines and pain management which may include acupuncture or referral for chiropractic adjustment or homeopathy.  We focus on quality of life and family choices for your pet’s healthcare.  After all, you are the primary caregiver and your plan must complement your lifestyle.

When your companion reaches the end of life, we offer insight and ideas for treating this valued member of your family with dignity to the very end. Dr. Lewter will make home visits so the animal does not have to travel. During this time, nutritional management becomes a new challenge, and we are there to help also. Patient comfort becomes a primary concern and hospice for animals offers support. If suffering is uncontrollable, sedation and euthanasia may be done right at home.


From beginning to end, Holistic Veterinary Consultants focuses on wellness and patient comfort!