Holistic Veterinarian in Princeton, WV

Holistic healthcare is a system of evaluating the physical and emotional, and environmental aspects of a patients condition in order to offer a multifaceted approach to healing. Holistic treatments may include supplements, acupuncture, herbs, dietary improvements, homeopathic remedies, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy or conventional medical therapies. Holistic care recognizes that the immune system and the vital force are the true healers of the body. Sometimes drugs and surgery are needed and other times the risks and side effects outweigh the benefit of these conventional treatments. In some cases, holistic modalities can work with conventional treatments for the best interest of your pet in Princeton, WV.Holistic Care

Holistic care is for all ages! Holistic care will assess nutritional issues, behavioral issues, and preventive care guidelines. When injuries happen, we provide additional products and ideas for pain management and healing that complement the conventional veterinary care you use for emergencies. Dr. Lewter works with your referring veterinarian to formulate the best plan for recovery. Along the healthy happy life journey, your pet will need annual physical exams, blood screening , and parasite tests. These can be done in our office or on a convenient house call. Dr. Lewter takes care of horses, cattle, goats, and sheep, so you can get everything done at once!

Lameness and spinal injury are all too common in animals. Acupuncture is a first line treatment for disc disease and spinal pain in animals. Lameness in animals sometimes comes from back problems and neuritis. Again, acupuncture is an excellent choice. Paralysis due to injury is common in dogs and cats and can be helped with acupuncture. Common problems such as diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis and incontinence all benefit from an integrated approach using conventional treatments in conjunction with other holistic modalities.

Allergies and immune system disorders are commonly seen in younger or middle aged animals. Allergies are an imbalance of the immune system. Allergies can cause itching, digestive problems, ear problems, and even seizures. Auto-immune disease is a further imbalance of the immune system that leads to bleeding disorders, thyroid disease, and colitis. The immune system can be balanced with acupuncture . Herbal medicines can enhance the effects of acupuncture and promote healing. Many skin and respiratory conditions can be greatly improved and even cured by holistic care.

Senior patients should be evaluated for any chronic or degenerative disease. Nutrition is very important for longevity and health. When metabolic and age related illness occurs we offer nutritional help, supplements, herbal medicines and pain management which may include acupuncture or referral for chiropractic adjustment or homeopathy. We focus on quality of life and family choices for your pet’s healthcare. After all, you are the primary caregiver and your plan must complement your lifestyle in Bluefield and Princeton, WV.