Dentistry evaluation and cleaning

Dental Evaluations without anesthesia.

Many people are afraid of anesthesia for their pet so the pet’s dental problems get worse and worse leading to infected teeth, pain and bacterial infection. If your pet has halitosis could be a sign of a problem.  Dental problems can cause chronic pain although animals seemingly go on with eating even with significant dental problems.

General anesthesia is not required for an evaluation so what are you waiting for? A referral might be required for dental extractions, but much can be done to help your pet during a routine exam. Dr. Lewter will  do a dental exam as part of a routine wellness appointment. She will discuss the risks and benefits of an anesthetic dentistry vs. an in-office treatment.

Dental exams are very important for animal health. An oral exam will detect oral tumors, infected teeth, plaque buildup, fractured teeth, or cavities. In addition, the gum and tongue color are an important indicator of health.

The good news is, we can often solve significant dental problems without anesthesia right in our office!


Equine oral examination is an important part of taking care of your horse. Many clients are surprised that dental floating or filing can be done without sedation in many horses. You should take care of your horse’s teeth early, before “wave mouth” and other serious conditions develop.