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Holistic Veterinary Consultants was created to serve the needs of large and small animal owners in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Shawsville, Salem, Radford, Pembroke, Pearisburg, Newport and New Castle, and surrounding counties.  Basic veterinary care is offered with an integrated approach to animal health. Acupuncture, botanical medicine, and nutritional therapies are available in conjunction with conventional medicine.

A veterinarian for over thirty years, Dr. Marjorie Lewter offers conventional and alternative medical therapy to her community for pets and livestock. Dr. Lewter’s goal is to empower clients to make the best healthcare choices for their animal companions.

Please call (540) 616-WAGS (9247) to set up a telephone consultation appointment, home visit, or office visit. Appointment times are arranged to suit individual needs. Telephone consults are also available. Some patients will require referral to a full service hospital for diagnostic tests, surgery, or intensive care. 

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