Meet Dr. Tesi and Dr. Lewter


Dr. Jan Tesi graduated in 2006 from Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and practiced in Blacksburg some years ago. She spent time in Maryland in her own house-call practice and working at local clinics but always wanted to return to Blacksburg someday. She is an acupuncturist, an experienced veterinary clinician, and best of all a holistic vet! Dr. Tesi shares her world with her husband and two children, along with dogs, cats, a horse and some pet birds!





Dr. Lewter is the most experienced and only veterinarian in the area who focuses on holistic veterinary options for your animals. She has extensive post-graduate certification in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and other innovative therapeutic modalities. She lectures at veterinary conferences nationally and internationally on Holistic Care for Animals.

Holistic Veterinary Consultants provides a comfortable office space for treatment of many health conditions by focusing on holistic options for animals. Clients will have the choice of visiting the office for specialized care or choosing a home visit for general veterinary care.

Choosing these options for your animal companion will greatly enhance the quality of care and best that veterinary medicine has to offer.