Hospice Care for animals

Hospice Care

Dr Lewter says, “I believe each pet is a special angel with lessons for us. Sometimes they teach us on a daily basis and sometimes we do not recognize those lessons until long after the pet has departed.

Animal hospice care is so much more than euthanasia. Hospice includes palliative care which focuses on relief of symptoms of a serious illness and emotional support for the entire family. We subscribe to the philosophy that pets deserve to spend their golden years with dignity and with the loving care they deserve. After a lifetime of unconditional love for us, it is the least we can do for them. When your companion reaches the end of life, we offer insight and ideas for treating this valued member of your family with dignity to the very end.  Dr. Lewter will make home visits within her area so the animal does not have to travel.

There is help for pain, incontinence and immobility. Nutritional management becomes a new challenge, and we are there to help. Patient comfort becomes a primary concern and hospice for animals offers help. Pain management is our specialty and we offer pharmaceuticals, as well as safe nutraceuticals, homeopathics, and acupuncture.

We support owners who want to provide hospice care that leads to a peaceful passing at home. If suffering is uncontrollable, sedation and euthanasia are available right at your home.

“We cannot thank you enough for all of the care and support you provided over the past 14 months. Your patience, dedication, and compassion helped us get through difficult times and gave us the strength needed to support …as long as he wanted to fight. We are truly lucky to have found you and believe that he lived as much of a normal life as possible because of our time with you. You have been amazing and couldn’t have asked for better care.” E&S

We recommend Oakey’s Pet Services for final arrangements.

Caring for the dying is an art, and unless we prepare for it ahead of time, chances are we won’t be up for the task when it is upon us. The experience will seem daunting to us rather than sacred. Whether the care taker is aware of it or not, much happens in the last days and hours for a dying human or animal in terms of getting ready internally for the great “change of address”. A privilege indeed it is, to wave our loved one off, neither holding it back, nor trying to rush it. Animals can teach us about this if we let them, giving us a last priceless gift from that relationship of person and companion animal. “

“Embracing Death’s Journey with our Animals”, Dr. Ella Bittel, Spirits in Transition

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