Lab Services

Laboratory Services

Do you ever wonder if your pet is misbehaving by urinating in the house? Over half of these cases have a treatable medical problem. 


Do you ever wonder if your sheep deworming program is effective or if they have resistant parasites? We can test a sample to find out.

Laboratory tests are helpful in many other cases:

* No appointment or examination is required

Vaccination titers – Did you know that you don’t have to vaccinate every year?

Thyroid testing – Thyroid disease is a common cause of allergies, skin conditions and is very common in purebred dogs. Breeding dogs should be tested for thyroglobulin autoantibodies

Vitamin D testing – Did you know that most canine cancer patients have very low vitamin D levels?

Annual wellness screening – Early detection is critical to reverse disease progression

Adreno-Cortical Insufficiency Syndrome testing – For chronic illness and severe skin allergies

Heartworm testing – Recommended annually

Lyme disease testing – along with other tick borne diseases such as Ehrlichia canis recommended annually

Skin scrapings – Recommended for skin problems to diagnose mange mites

Fungassay test – for Ringworm fungus which is transmissible to people

Cytology – tumors and nodules, non-healing sores

Feline Leukemia testing – a simple blood test before vaccination

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus testing – usually combined with Feline Leukemia testing

Bartonella testing – cats can be treated for this common “Cat Scratch Fever” infection

*Fecal exams – Hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, giardia are all found commonly, especially in younger animals

*Bearman fecal exams – for detection on the common lungworm is sheep and goats

* Mc Masters Fecal Egg Counts – Recommended for horses, cattle, goats, and sheep

* Urinalysis – to detect infections, urinary stones, diabetes, and kidney disease recommended for all cases of inappropriate urination or incontinence. Most of these are treatable.