Meet our Staff

 Amber Saul

Amber, is a local girl who grew up in Radford and moved to Blacksburg in 2005. She has one child, a son in his early 20’s. Amber has been a vegetarian since December 1998. Her hobbies are: cooking, crocheting, painting, along with almost any other craft, and running a makeshift soup kitchen for the neighborhood cats.

In March of 2014 Amber’s best friend, thirteen-year-old liver-spotted Dalmatian, Androphonos, passed away from complications from cancer. Drophy was more human than dog and is missed every moment of the day. Dealing with the grief of losing a beloved pet has given Amber a new appreciation for the animals that fill her life from day-to-day. Whether it be here at work, where she gets to meet some amazing pets and people, or at home where she lives with rescue pit bull, Bray, and rescue kitties, Archer and Battle, Amber is always glad to be making a difference.

Cynthia Brandt

Cynthia is a lifelong educator and animal lover. She has a trained Laborador Retriever and a senior citizen cat. We are proud to have Cynthia greeting you at the front desk!





Brigid Sexton

Brigid is a veterinary student who loves horses and every animal. She currently attends Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Her interests include holistic medicine and equine medicine.





Veterinary students

Numerous veterinary students have spent time in our practice and we wish to thank them. We have hosted students from Germany, Poland, Japan, and the Netherlands. Also we have had many preceptors from VA Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Ross University, Mississippi State University, and North Carolina State University.