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“Thank you so much for the donation made in Molly’s memory, and for all of the good care that got her to be almost 17 years old!” -Steve S.

“Thank you for the emergency dental treatment! He was back to normal the next day, eating like a hog/horse once again!” – Karen W.

“Your care has meant a lot to us. I’m sorry Amos scratched you, but I’m happy to report he’s been eating the past 48hrs and purring up a storm. So far so good!” -Cindy

“Thanks for being so kind and helpful, and especially patient with me. I tend to panic and worry too much when it comes to my baby. It’s comforting to know you’re there to help me allay those fears.” -Mary L.

“Your calm and caring attitude mean a great deal to us.” -Sharon & Bill

“Practicing medicine in its truest sense is an art. Especially when ones patients cannot describe their symptoms. You are a fine artist.” -Pat R.

“I was glad to see your office despite my reason for coming. It is a wonderfully comfortable setup, which I am sure your patients appreciate. We certainly did.” -Riley S.

“Thank you for seeing Bray on such short notice. I really believe you saved her life.” -Amber S.

“We love everything about our visits at Holistic Veterinary Consultants. Thank you for all you do!! -Kathy B.

“Everything was great!” -CC

“Our appointment was delightful and comprehensive.” -Robin S.

“Thank you so much for a fantastic experience these past three weeks. I have gotten to see and do so many things and learned so much about the practice of holistic veterinary medicine. I feel like a new door has been opened to a whole other aspect of veterinary medicine and it bekons me. Also, it has been so refreshing to work with someone who is ethical and honest … This externship has been one of the most important, education and enjoyable of my clinical year.” LS

“We cannot thank you enough for all of the care and support you provided best, whichver the past 14 months. Your patience, dedication, and compassion helped us get through difficult times and gave us the strength needed to support …as long as he wanted to fight. We are truly lucky to have found you and believe that he lived as much of a normal life as possible because of our time with you. You have been amazing and couldn’t have asked for better care.” E&S

“I’m deeply grateful to you for saving her life. She looks like a young cat again.” KW

“Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our beloved “Jeb!

“Acknowledging the health and wellness concerns that animal owners have, Dr. Lewter not only assists us in being more responsible caretakers of our pets and livestock, but she helps alleviate the anxiety we have when one of our animals is sick or injured. Whether it’s a wellness exam, treatment of a health condition, or special service, Dr. Lewter offers a holistic approach to animal care that provides the owner with a sense of assurance and well being. I particularly appreciate her ability to come to my home and farm, her accepting manor, and kind spirit in treating my animals and me! ” Debbie S.

“The past two years were difficult with Mouse and Sally’s illnesses and your farm visits and broad-view of treatment options and medicines increased both Mouse and Sally’s quality of life and their living into cat old ages of 21 and 14 ½. Thank you for caring for them.”….Bob D

“ We feel fortunate that we have found someone who has a true gift and passion for taking care of animals, someone who is a true asset to the profession”… Martha D.

“ Your prescription treatment is working wonders! You are the greatest and we appreciate and thank you!” …Lois W.

“ Thank you for helping my cat in his time of need. He’s been my best buddy for 13 years and it’s like you gave him back to me. “…Mike I.

“In the past 2.5 years she has been there whenever I needed her to come by, and that’s the “operative” word…she came to my home, I didn’t have to uproot the animal and traumatize them for a trip to the vet. The acupuncture you gave Kiki worked wonders.” … Karyn S.

“Thank you for your service to us and to our dear Buffy- For being gentle and caring in this sometimes difficult work. We are grateful.”… Alwyn M.

“Thank you so much for your unending support and all that you continue to do to heal, educate, and enlighten. ” Simone

“I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciate your exemplary care of our 2 girls. We are so glad to have found someone who cares for each of them in such a gentle and conscientious manner as they are not so young anymore! We are also happy that you practice the principle of holistic and integrative care, but in a very practical manner”… Mary B.

“It’s probably the toughest aspect of your job, and you did it so well. We want to thank you for that. Thank you for the kindness, compassion and sensitivity for telling us what to expect every step of the way, the poems, and the sympathy card. Thank you for the care you have given Kasey over the years. You are a blessing to us.” … Patti and Melody

You both were wonderful. Thank you for your thorough care and your patience.

Visits here have always been excellent. A pleasant experience.

We Love our Patients